Automating React App Testing in 2021

Automated testing is an important part of software non-functional requirements. Manual tests always are expensive than automated testing. But the bitter truth is sometimes it’s hard to convince people to invest in automated testing since it’s a non-functional requirement.

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Optimizing travis for Gradle.

In this guide I will describe how to integrate and optimize travis CI to your gradle project. Before we begin, we need to enable and caching and parallel for our gradle project.

In order to enable...

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Quick start to Gradle

We recently migrated the ballerina build system to Gradle due to the performance issues we had with maven. Building with Gradle is significantly faster than maven. We found it much more flexible to write build...

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Create your own $5 VPN in 2 minutes

Disclaimer: Goal of this guide is to introduce a lesser known feature of SSH. Readers are responsible for their own actions.

Well, it is not exactly a VPN but it gets the job done.

SSH is...

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using meteor audit-argument-checks

About Meteor

Meteor is an open-source platform for building web apps. It is a full stack javaScript platform built on top node.js. Meteor is easy to learn and yet powerful. Meteor uses JavaScript on both the client and...

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Started blogging again

Here I have started blogging again. I didn’t blog for sometime, mostly I was being a bit lazy. I am currently working at a startup company called meteorhacks, I was a mobile app developer before that. We are working...

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