using meteor audit-argument-checks

About Meteor

Meteor is an open-source platform for building web apps. It is a full stack javaScript platform built on top node.js. Meteor is easy to learn and yet powerful. Meteor uses JavaScript on both the client and on the server.

what is audit-argument-checks ?

It is a meteor package which throws an Meteor.Error when we are using client side data without validating it. ( Never trust a user input. right? ). Its job is to enforce security checks. For some weird reason only few developers are using it.

meteor add audit-argument-checks

simply pass values comes from client side and their data types in to check().

    DeleteUser: function(userId, userName) {
      check(userId, String);
      check(userName, Match.Any);
      //rest of the code


  • If you forgot to validate userId and userName on server side It will simply give a server side warning but it will not stop executing your code.
  • If you use check() and it if client inputs doesnot match with your expected format it will throw a Error and it will not executed the code further.

If you are interested in learning more about audit-argument-checks you should checkout Bullet one of BulletProof Meteor.

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Written on October 18, 2014